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Forever Bio Ghana Limited wishes to introduce ourselves as exporter and Importer of all kinds of Palm product like palm acid oil ,palm oil sludge ,palm kernel cake and palm kernel shells High quality of Raw Cashew Nut and Cocoa beans. .We import Rice like IRRI-6, IRRI-9. We are the Company who has implemented the Quality Management System from raw materials of palm products cashew nut and Importing of Rice. We are also rice traders and locally supplying all kinds of Rice to domestic buyers since long. We also have our regional office in Accra Ghana where IRRI-6 and other varieties of palm product market are basic market. Therefore, we can offer you more competitive rates then others. Besides this, We are also in Exports of  Cocoa, and bio product of palm product for making soap ,Palm kernel cake for animal consumption like chickens,cattle and more animals,palm oil sludge for energy conservation ,palm kernel shell and more.. If you wish to import any above items from Ghana, please feel free to contact us. through email or contact us on phone for more further details


We  strive to serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a true business partner. We believe in treating our employees as family, as they are our strength. We are committed to mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. The Company is committed to quality management and continually strives to improve processes for its clients. In this fashion, we ensure that our quality goals and growth plans are met.


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Human needs & desires are limitless and there are endless possibilities to satiate them. At  Forever Bio Ghana Limited we are committed to link desires and possibilities in most economical and efficient manner.

Palm kernel shells are a side product derived from the production of palm kernel oil and palm oil from the palm tree seeds.
The palm kernel shell is thick and wood-like and hence a perfect fuel for wood co-generation plants, thermal power stations, biomass power stations and industrial plants. Regions of origin are Africa and Asia.

Both the quantity of mineral substance (ash) in fuel and its chemical composition are important for the energy sector. In comparison to ash from coal, chemical composition of ash from biomass has significantly higher impact on the formation of low-melt fractions of sediments on the surfaces of power boiler super-heaters. It is caused by high content of potassium compounds (from 18.17% to 38.11% by mass) and calcium compounds (6.04% to 48.74% by mass) in the Polish agro biomass . Ash from PKS samples is characterized by lower content of those elements. Silicon compounds are its main components. They reduce the probability of slagging and impurities appearance on the surfaces of power unit heat exchanges  Chemical composition of ash from Palm Kernel Shells

The raw cashew nuts are procured from the local farmers and local market. These cashew nuts are dried in the sun for a period of two days and are then stored in the gunny bags for processing through the year. The process of sun drying helps in removal of excess moisture thus resulting in longer storage. The processing of cashew nut is a four stage process, each designed to produce quality edible cashew kernel.

Description: Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale ) is a tree crop of considerable economic importance to Ghana and Ivory Coast and other tropical countries. Apart from being a source of useful products and byproducts for food, medicinal and industrial applications, cashew gives also a useful shade, while ornamental and alley trees are suitable for the control of soil erosion, particularly for the protection of watersheds and dams.
Harvest: Cashew nut setting begins in the middle of dry season, while harvesting takes place mainly in February or March. The entire harvest period occupies about 16 weeks. In the Eastern and Western parts of the country, where quality cashew nuts are grown, nuts are allowed to drop to the ground before they are collected. This practice ensures that only ripe nuts are collected. Nuts normally fall to the ground with their apples attached; the two are normally separated with a twisting action during collection. The remnants of the apple flash adhering to the nuts are removed with a sharp knife. After picking, the nuts are dried in the sun for 2 to 3 days, to reduce their moisture content to about 12 %. Properly dried nuts are packed in jute bags and can be kept for 6 to 10 months, if stored in suitable condition.